Convert your Videos to DVD

The memories on your old videotapes are precious, but sadly they're also fading. Home Video Hits in Punchbowl can help by converting your videos to DVD so you can re-live the great times. You choose how you want your tapes transferred to DVD to suit your needs and budget. Our equipment is professional, as is our service - just check our Testimonials. We can help you with a range of videotapes including VHS to DVD, VHS-C to DVD, Video8 / Hi8 / Digital 8 to DVD and DV to DVD.

If you need your video edited, then check out the links to other packages on the right hand side of this page.

Simple Conversion

Our Simple Conversion offers a high quality conversion process for your precious tapes but without the extras you don't really need. So if you have a quality camera and your footage is good, this option should suit you best.

Superior Conversion

The Superior Conversion includes the services that other companies don't. We look through your footage, carefully improving the colour and brightness and editing out blank spots and segments where the camera was left on. If your tapes are older, then they'll benefit from the extra care included in this conversion process.

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Compare and Convert your Video to DVD


Simple Conversion

Superior Conversion

High Quality Conversion



DVD Disk Design

Simple Design including your own title

Design includes images from the video as well as your own title

Semi-Transparent case for storage



Colour & Brightness Correction



Careful Deletion of blanks or where the camera was accidentally left on



Scene Selection

Markers are placed every 5 minutes so you can skip through your footage when you need to

Yes. Intelligently placed markers so you can select the scene you want

Personalised full Motion Menus

Your DVD will play immediately it is inserted into the player

Yes. Full Menus to select the track and the scene you want to watch

Cost of up to 1 hour of video



1 - 2 hours of tape



2 - 3 hours of tape



  Need an extra copy? We do recommend purchasing an additional copy to store it in a safe dry place - perhaps at a different location. That way, if your DVDs get scratched or damaged in some way, you still have a copy that will work. Just add $15 for each additional DVD copy

  We also offer tape cleaning to remove any mould, fungus or dirt on your VHS tapes. Just add $10 per tape to the cost of conversion