We Convert and Edit your videos

To help make your great memories last forever

Our old format video tape players are dying and can't be replaced. We can help by converting all your old Video8 formats, VHS, VHS-C and DV tapes and transferring them onto a DVD or a Hard Drive. We're a local business in Sydney who can help you to see all those great memories locked away on old videotapes.

Sometimes those old tapes aren't as good as we remember! So we can add some editing flair by getting rid of the 'bumpy bits' and adding music and titles. Whatever the style and whatever the footage, our Services can be tailored to meet your needs. And it's true - no job is too small or too large - just ask!

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Convert or Transfer your Videos to
DVD or Hard Drive

The memories on your old videotapes are precious but sadly they're also fading. Home Video Hits has professional level equipment to convert your tapes.

We can help with the full PAL range of videotapes including VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8 and DV tapes. Both silent and sound film can also be converted.

Once converted, we can transfer the footage onto a DVD or a Hard Drive for you to enjoy.


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Edit your Videos

Whether they're for your home or business, all videos could do with some editing!

From simply deleting any blank spots or sections where you left the camera rolling, to full editing including; re-arranging the footage and adding titles and music (Home Video Hits is fully licenced with AMCOS/ARIA).

We can edit your family videos, weddings, egagements and features for special birthdays or other celebrations. Whatever the footage and whatever the style, we can help.

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VHS Tape Cleaning

Depending on how they're stored, VHS can tend to grow mould which looks like a white powder spotted over your tape.

On the tape above, you can see a partially cleaned tape. This mould can effect both the audio and the video quality as it causes the magnetic surface of the tape to deteriorate.

Using the TapeChek 490 imported from the USA, we ensure your tapes are clean so you get the best picture quality possible. This service is only available for a small additional cost when we convert or edit your tapes.

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Website Videos for Business

If you've got photos or videos that you'd like edited into a short video for your website, we can help.

By editing the footage, adding titles to sell your benefits and royalty free music, you'd be amazed at what's possible. We'll even give you a guide on how to take the best footage with your camera or phone.

Dance School Concert Videos

Need your school concert videoed and distributed to parents? Call us to discuss what you need.

Places are already filling fast for the end of the year.

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